Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the AARHL policy on fighting?

A: We're a low tolerance league. Fighting will get you booted from the league. Persistent mouthing off to the refs will get you 10 minutes or a game misconduct. Game misconducts carry a 1 game suspension. Consistent game misconduct occurrences will probably get you booted from the league. In essence; if you have a a history of being "that guy", you're not going to last long in this league.

Q: How old do I have to be?

A: As a skater, you must be 25 years old. Goalies need to be at least 18 years old.

Q: I'm not 25 yet, but I'll fit in perfectly with the older guys. Can you make an exception for me?

A: Sorry. We cannot make exceptions. Other 18+ leages in the area that we can suggest: The Cooler in Alpharetta, Peachtree City at the Kedron rink (outdoor covered), PBC Hockey Pinckneyville in Norcross (outdoor covered) , SGAA Dual Decks in Snellville

Q: I'm under 25 and I REALLY REALLY want to play in this league. Can you make an exception for me?

A: See Answer #2. There are many reasons for the age restrictions, but we're not going to list them here. We never have and never will allow anyone under 25 to sign up for the league. No exceptions.

Q: What equipment to I need?

A: Roller hockey equipment. You need inline hockey skates (no trick skates, skates with brakes, etc....). You need shin gaurds. You need a girdle. You need a groin protection.. You need elbow pads. You need a helmet and we highly recommend a full cage helmet. You need gloves. And of course a stick. Optional is chest/shoulder protection. Goalies do need a full goalie set-up just like ice. Head/throat/chest/pants/legs/groin. No Mylec style street hockey gear. Goalies can play with players skates if desired.

Q: Where can I get equipment?

A: For shins, helmet, elbow, gloves....gear that can be used in both ice and roller we recommend "North Georgia Hockey" in Roswell but there are a smattering of other ice hockey shops in the Metro area. For Skates , roller girdle , pants, and anything else roller specific; we're out of luck for local options since the last roller store closed up in 2014. Some guys have got lucky at one of the various play-it-again sports store, but their inventory of roller gear is pretty hit and miss. Most guys now just order online or restock equipment when visiting relatives out of town. Avoid like the plague.

Q: How are teams formed?

A: Teams are drafted every season. When a new player signs up for a season, they are first evaluated at a stick time session and given a general ranking. At the beginning each season, the captains evaluate rankings and then do a draft. Thus the teams change every season and keeps the teams fairly balanced skill-wise.

Q: How long is a season?

A: A season is eight regular season games and two playoff games. We play 4 seasons each year.

Q: When are the games played?

A: Games are always played on Sundays. Times vary based on the season turnout; but we've been steadily having 12 teams so games are 5,6,7,8,9, and 10pm. The full schedule is determined at the beginning of each season so you'll always know when your game is on a particular Sunday well ahead of time.

Q: What is game play like?

A: Teams are usually made up of 5 or 6 players. Games are played 3-on-3 on a 3/4 size sport court rink. The 3-on-3 on a smaller rink makes for some very fast paced play. It's a great workout. Games are three 15 minute periods with a running clock. The clock will stop in the last two minutes of the 3rd period if the game is within 2 goals.

Q: Where do you play?

A: We are sponsored by the East Cobb YMCA. They have a 3/4 size indoor rink with a sport court surface. The rink has two benches, penalty boxes, score keepers area, scoreboard, and four locker rooms. No lockers or showers are available (unless you are full member of the YMCA)

Q: Do I have to have experience?

A: It's not required that you've played hockey before, but for safety reasons, you need to know how to skate forward, backward, know how to stop, and know the flow of the game. Other than Wednesday's stick times, we don't have training sessions or practices. If you've don't have basic skating skills, learning to do so in the middle of a game can be dangerous for you and your teammates. With that said, we encourage new players with basic skating skills to check us out by watching a game or requesting participation in a Wednesday stick time.

Q: Are goalies drafted as well?

A: No, goalies in our league don't have a team. We have a pool of goalies (some regulars, some backups). Every week the league's Goalie Wrangler checks in with the pool of goalies to find out who is available for that week's games. Each goalie has a general skill ranking. The Goalie Wrangler matches up two goalies by similar skill level and assigns them to the 6,7,8, or 9pm game. Before the game starts, the captain of team with the worse record gets to pick which goalie of the two goalies assigned to that game they want as their goalie. In the playoffs, this is reversed and the better team gets goalie choice of the two goalies assigned to the game.

Q: What is the skill level of your players?

A: It's all over the board. We've got some excellent players, and we've got some beginners. We also have 3 divisions, a Bronze, Silver, and Gold league, which are separated by skill levels so the beginners don't need to worry about playing with super stars. Each division has 4 teams.

Q: Are you a coed league?

A: Yes. Anyone meeting the age and experience requirements are eligible to play.

Q: What's this about stick time?

A: In addition to league play, we also head up a supplemental sticktime that is held every wednesday. Sticktime is reserved for current league members and new prospect evaluations. Our Stick Time Coordinator shoots out an email reminder to our league players and goalies on Monday. Players can respond to his email to sign-up for one of two wednesday timeslots. We also use stick time to evaluate new players and goalies.

Q: Can anyone play sticktime? Can I just show up and play?

A: Our sticktime is weekly RSVP only. It's reserved for current league members and former players who are YMCA members. New players (Prospects) to the league are allowed to play until the beginning of the next season Prospects need to sign-up for the next season in order to continue playing the Wednesday sticktimes.

Q: My first time playing... what should I expect?

A: First, just go into the East Cobb YMCA (on Johnson Ferry Road) and sign-in at the front desk that you are playing hockey. The front desk people do not know much about our league since they do not run our league so just asked them where the rink is or just head back and to the left until you see the rink. The locker rooms are on the back wall by the player benches. Unless you are super early, you'll probably see Andrey and some of the other early birds as they warming up or gearing up. Introduce yourself and crack some jokes.