Comissioner Photo

Brady Cunningham. Brady is the commish pro tem. Brady joined the AARHL in 2019. In a previous life, Brady played goalie and finished his career playing in the Empire Junior B league in the DC area. He now enjoys skating freely as a forward and not being tethered to the crease.

Sticktime Coordinator
Sticktime Coordinator

Andrey Yepifantsev. Don't worry, Andrey has been in the league since 2007 and still no one knows how to pronounce his last name. Andrey has been coordinating Wednesday sticktime sessions since 2013. This role entails forming balanced ad-hoc teams and goalies, collecting fees, greeting potential new league members, and evaluating new members during our Wednesday shinnies. Andrey is usually the first face a new league member sees.

Goalie Coordinator
Goalie Coordinator

Rafiq Vohra. Rafiq joined the AARHL in 2018 when he moved from New Jersey to Georgia. He's been playing roller hockey goalie since middle school and into college, then took a very long break before picking it up again in this great league.

The Atlanta Adult Roller Hockey League is a non-profit sports league whose sole mission is to support comradery for those who love the game of hockey. Skaters must be 25 years or older...goalies can be 18 or older. A competitive spirit is welcome, but leave your attitude at the door. The AARHL does not condone poor sportsmanship or any act of fighting while participating in games or scrimmage. The league is run by a group of AARHL Elders who enforce the by-laws, organize the seasons and make other operational decisions about the league.
How is the League Structured?
The AARHL currently has three divisions: a Gold division for those whose skill level has not left them at our advanced age. This is the more highly competitive league. The Silver and Bronze division are a mid and lower skill level divisions, of course, yet still very competitive. New players must be evaluated by coming out to our Wednesday scrimmage so we can get an idea of what division best suits you.
When Do We Play?
Games are on Sunday nights at 5,6,7,8 and 9pm. Scrimmages are held every Wednesday night from 7:00 to approximately 9 pm. Cost is $5 payable at the beginning of the scrimmage.
Where Do We Play?
The AARHL's one and only home 'ice' is at the Johnson Ferry YMCA (see map below). The facility was built specifically for roller hockey with NHL-certified boards and glass, netting, benches, penalty boxes and scoreboard. Games are officiated by two AIHL-certified referees and stats are kept by an official scorer.
Contact Info
For information on joining the league contact us at
How to Get To The Rink